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Roy Bowman '61 Establishes a Charitable Gift Annuity to benefit the True Blue Scholarship

Roy Bowman '61 Establishes a Charitable Gift Annuity to benefit the True Blue Scholarship

Idaho native Roy Bowman has established a charitable gift annuity as a way to give back to an institution that he says provided so much to him. Growing up in Emmett, Roy was tired of mucking through snow in the winters and thought that a college education would provide a path out. He enrolled in Boise Junior College, graduated in 1961 and then went on to the University of Idaho, obtaining a teaching degree. Roy remembers receiving scholarships of $40 and $60 which financially helped him complete his education.

During the early 1960s, California schools were recruiting student-teachers so Roy set out for Sunnyvale where he spent a 21-year career in the bay area teaching math and science to fourth grade and junior high students. Upon retiring from teaching, Roy returned to Emmett where he enjoys being part of a Ford Thunderbird club and an RV travel group.

Recounting his days at Boise Junior College, Roy was elected student body vice president, but was fearful of speaking in front of crowds. To help overcome this fear, he enrolled in a speech class and quickly became part of one of the college's first debate teams. He even recalls winning a first-place award during one of the tournaments, which he attributes to helping build the confidence he's maintained throughout the years.

Because Roy has such fond memories of the education he received at both the University of Idaho and Boise Junior College, he decided to "give back" to each of them through life-income arrangements known as the Charitable Gift Annuity. In exchange for a sum of money, Roy receives income for life at a rate of 8.2% (determined by his age and single status). Roy says that a gift annuity is a good investment, even better than what a CD or other investments earn. The gift annuity provides him guaranteed retirement income, and ultimately will benefit Idaho students who are bound for Boise State. Roy is so pleased with his gift annuity that he plans to established a second one in 2021.