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Picture the Ultimate Donor

Picture the Ultimate Donor

Close your eyes and imagine if you can the ideal couple: handsome; tanned; always smiling; enjoying life. Now picture what I affectionately describe as the Ultimate Donor: gives to the annual fund; belongs to the Coaches Club; is a seat-owner for Bronco football; and establishes a tremendously generous gift through estate planning.

It's every institution's dream to have all these attributes in one couple: Ron and Marylin Gabriel are that vision. Boise State University is fortunate to have the Gabriels as the Ultimate model-expressing their love and support of this institution. Now, let's go back a few years so you can get to know Ron and Marylin as I have had the opportunity to do.

Ron thought he wanted to be an engineer-he enrolled in Boise Junior College in 1961 and earned an AS. His engineering desire waned so Ron went back to Boise State College and graduated with a business management degree. Ron says he believed he would be an accountant, but remembers an investing class that included one week on the subject of real estate. This section piqued Ron's true interest and the rest of the story is history so to speak.

Marylin worked for the airline industry in California for 19 years. She raised two children one of whom is a Boise State University graduate and school teacher. Ron also has two children and between them they have six grandchildren. As a further example of their generous nature, Ron and Marylin both provide care giving to family members.

Real estate investments and a true financial prowess have led the Gabriels to a comfortable lifestyle and to their decision to become Boise State supporters. Ron stated that he is more than happy to share their good fortune with Boise State University. Their estate plan includes gifts of real estate, which will ultimately be used to ensure educational success for Broncos in the future. Thank you Ron and Marylin for your foresight and generosity!