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A Lifetime of Generosity and Beyond

A Lifetime of Generosity and Beyond

Just two years after he graduated, alumnus Chuck Hallett, (B.B.A., accountancy, 1977) made his first philanthropic contribution to Boise State. It was just a $10 gift-but its impact on the long-term success of countless Boise State students is profound.

You see, that first gift, as much as the young professional could afford at the time, was the start of Chuck's life-long passion for giving to his alma mater. Through the years, he has consistently supported endowed scholarships for students of accountancy and in athletics because of his deep belief that the financial support he received as a Boise State student was essential to his success in life.

And through charitable estate planning, the impact of Chuck's lifetime of generosity will continue to build and live on long after he is gone. His planned gift-naming the endowed scholarships he established as the beneficiaries of his retirement plan-ensures that generations of Boise State students without the means to pay for school will still be able to earn a college degree.

It is an impressive philanthropic legacy built through Chuck's consistent, sustained generosity year after year. And it all started with just $10.