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An Inspiration to Give

An Inspiration to Give

Mark Roby already was a successful financial planner when he earned his bachelor's degree in applied science in 1992. He wanted to go back to school to inspire his children and impress upon them the importance of a college education.

Today, as an active alumnus, donor to music scholarships and a lifetime member of the Boise State Alumni Association and the Bronco Athletic Association, Mark continues to embrace and support the ways Boise State impacts the lives of its students and alumni. He relishes the success of his alma mater in recent years and is proud of his role in its growth.

"I could not comprehend the changes at Boise State, had it been predicted 30 years ago," said Mark recently. He is particularly excited about the ongoing expansion of doctoral programs and the current campaign to expand scholarships that will allow the university to compete for the best students. "The fact that so much progress has been made, I want to make sure I do my part so we can continue to grow, continue to be all we can be."

But it is through charitable estate planning that Mark may have the biggest impact on the future success of Boise State. His planned gift - a distribution from his living trust designated for the athletic endowment fund - provides excellent way to show that if someone truly wants to give, there is a way to do it. Just as with his kids years ago, he continues to inspire those around him to be involved with Boise State and help support its philanthropic needs any way they can.

"I can sit in front of an audience of people that care about Boise State and ask how many of them would give more to the university if they thought they could afford it. Almost without exception, they all raise their hand," Mark said. "I tell them that with a few minutes of legacy gift planning, their standard of living wouldn't be impacted."